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Someone Built A Multi-Level Floating Sauna And We Want In

Someone Built A Multi-Level Floating Sauna And We Want In

Did you know that the only Finnish word to make it into the English vocabulary is “sauna”? Finnish people love saunas – the nation boasts around one sauna for every three people, which is a hell of a lot of saunas. The Finns have perfected the sauna game so much so that they’re even taking them on the road – well, on the water, really.


Saunalautta is a brilliant DIY project by some smart-as-a-whip Finns who decided they needed to make their sauna experience (which is pivotal to surviving the chilling reality of Nordic winter) into a bonding experience. This multi-level floating sauna is moored off the coast of Joensuu, a town in eastern Finland, and is perfectly suited to large groups of friends.

There’s really nothing quite like the feeling of exiting your sweaty cave and diving head first into a cold body of water. At the Saunalautta, you’ll be jumping into the icy waters of the picturesque Lake Pyhäselkä – and it’s cold in there. Really cold.


The floating sauna is equipped with five bunk beds and a 15-person sauna on the top level. On the outside deck there’s ample lounging area complete with hammocks, tables and chairs and a barbecue.

In Finland, they say that the sauna is like a poor man’s pharmacy: it’ll cure what ails you, and with temperatures inside reaching up to 90 degrees Celsius (!), you can bid farewell to some of your less wholesome toxins and give your pores a deep-cleanse.


The Saunalautta can be rented out for about $410USD a day (around $583AUD) – split it between 15 mates and it’s only 38 bucks. So who’s coming with?

(All images: Saunalautta/Facebook)

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