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The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots In Perth

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots In Perth

Perth may be the most isolated capital city in the world but there is no shortage of Instagram-worthy spots in this always-sunny, idyllic west coast city. From heritage buildings to urban pop-ups, it’s not just the pristine beaches you’ll be frantically snapping (although there’s no denying that the beaches there are pretty darn spectacular).

#1 Cottesloe Beach


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Cottesloe, or Cott as it’s known to the locals, is the most well known of all of Perth’s beaches and for good reason. Locals and tourists alike flock to this always-bustling strip for the token white sand, clear turquoise waters and the iconic Indiana Tea House that takes centre stage on the foreshore. Cottesloe is the popular, attention-seeking sibling and you’ll understand why when you watch the evening sun setting spectacularly over the Indian Ocean. Grab your takeaway fish and chips, settle into the sand dunes, have your camera phone ready and enjoy the show. You’ll be demanding an encore but you’ll just have to wait until the next day.

#2 Kings Park

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The sprawling inner-city Kings Park looks out over the Perth CBD and offers a perfect vantage point for breathtaking panoramic views. The winning snapshot, without a doubt, is of the magnificent city skyline set against expansive blue skies and overlooking the glittering jewel in Perth’s crown, the dazzling Swan River. The park itself has immaculate gardens, diverse species of native flora and wild bushland, providing a wealth of subject material on hand for you to practice your best National Geographic-esque nature shots.

#3 Ootong and Lincoln


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It’s become a rite of passage for any Perthian to take a photo with the pair of colourful zebras found on the exterior wall of trendy South Fremantle café Ootong and Lincoln. The mural is a work by local artist Anya Brock and, at any time of the weekend, you’ll find a crowd of people waiting for their turn to primp, pose, pout and prance around with these spectacular animals. Ootong and Lincoln also serve up sublime food and coffee for your post–photo shoot cravings – I think that’s what you call a win-win situation.

#4 Rooftop Movies

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On the roof of a nondescript car park in former rough-as-guts now turned trendy Northbridge, you’ll stumble upon an urban oasis offering a unique open-air cinema experience where the good vibes are guaranteed and complimentary. Settle into a comfy beanbag on the fake green turf with beverage in hand, take in the twinkling lights of the evening city skyline and try your hand at taking a perfectly angled photo of the impressive neon ‘Rooftop Movies’ sign before enjoying an indie flick with your fellow cinephiles. They’ll be back later in 2020.

#5 Fremantle Arts Centre


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The Fremantle Arts Centre is housed in an exquisite Gothic historical building with picturesque surrounds masking its dark history as a former lunatic asylum. Now hosting a multitude of interesting and thought-provoking art exhibitions throughout the year, there will always be something intriguing here to make you want to reach for your camera. Additionally, the famous Sunday music sessions held during the warmer months offering free performances in the lush gardens are an opportune time to take a quick succession of happy snaps with pals. Oh, memories.

#6 Crawley Edge Boatshed

Along the winding, picturesque Mounts Bay Road, you’ll eventually pass a simple pastel-blue boathouse sitting at the end of a small wooden jetty on the Swan River. Maybe it’s all of the different hues of blue from the boathouse, river and sky seamlessly merging into one another, or maybe it’s the boatshed’s enigmatic past – whatever it is, you won’t be able to help but become entranced by this unexpected little treasure. It’s a popular place for wedding photo shoots so you may need to compete with some loved-up brides to get the perfect shot.

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#7 Graffiti on Wolf Lane

While there is no shortage of fantastic graffiti scattered around Perth, this hidden laneway filled with small bars and restaurants is a microcosm of the city’s exploding street-art scene. Look out for (although it’s pretty hard to miss!) the instantly eye-catching wall mural done by Brooklyn-based artist, Maya Hayuk. The Wolf Lane mural is a prime example of Hayuk’s signature work encompassing geometric patterns, kaleidoscopic detail and a bold colour palette – and would make an ideal background for your next profile pic.

#8 Rottnest Island

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For a while there, the quokka selfie was trending across all social media networks and as a result, it has now entered the national vernacular as well as many people’s bucket lists. You’ll have to head over by ferry to Rottnest Island to take this ultimate selfie with these perpetually smiling and photogenic furry little creatures – selfie sticks are recommended! Although quokkas are friendly animals and used to human interaction, bear in mind that the quokka population is endangered and you should refrain from touching and feeding them.

#9 COMO the Treasury

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The Como is the former Treasury Building recently turned contemporary luxury hotel – with a real emphasis on the ‘luxury’ part. While you’d be footing quite a bill to stay even one night at this opulent 5-star affair, ordinary folks can still come in and admire the restoration and renovation of this architecturally exquisite nineteenth-century Victorian building and eat at one of the many fine dining restaurants. The soaring ceilings, sophisticated column work and detailed heritage features will leave you in awe and wishing you could stay the night. Time to start saving!

#10 Margaret River

There are some instances where photos don’t do the real thing justice and this may be one of those times. Although a three-hour drive from Perth, Margaret River still makes our list of most Instagrammable spots because it is just that breathtaking and a real point of pride for locals. From sipping wine at world-class wineries to whale watching, from spectacular caves to surfer’s waves, and everything in between: you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that isn’t worthy of a snap in this stunning south-west corner.

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