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So, Taylor Swift Is Playing An Intimate Gig At Hamilton Island

So, Taylor Swift Is Playing An Intimate Gig At Hamilton Island

Your wildest dreams have come true – Taylor Swift is set to play an teeny tiny gig at Australia’s picture-perfect paradise Hamilton Island in December.


Here for a string of stadium shows in support of her latest album 1989, Swift will be packing up her sparkly guitar and girl gang and heading to the Whitsundays for an exclusive gig presented by Nova, Qantas, Hamilton Island and Frontier Touring.


Swift will be headed to Hamilton Island for Nova’s Red Room, an up close and personal live music experience which will be set against one of Australia’s most iconic luxury island escapes.


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And when we say “intimate gig” we mean it – only 42 tickets are available for Taytay’s performance which are only available to win in the lead up to December on the Nova Network.

If you’re one of the unlucky millions who misses out, we may have a cheeky solution. Head on over to Hamilton Island anyway – the sting of not being able to see Taylor might be soothed by the fact that you’re in one of the most picture-perfect locations in Australia. Plus, you might even bump into the Grammy Award winning singer on your way to get your next pool-side cocktail. It’s worth a shot, right?

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