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This Mexican Hillside Has Been Transformed Into A Giant Work Of Art

This Mexican Hillside Has Been Transformed Into A Giant Work Of Art

While many governments spend time, money and resources on covering up graffiti, the Mexican government are embracing it by turning a once-plain hillside into a work of art.


Hundreds of houses in Pachuca, Mexico have been painted in bright colours by German Crew, an artist collective, in a government-funded initiative called ‘Pachuca Paints Itself’. The collective have spent just over a year organising and painting a giant colourful mural on the hillside neighbourhood of Las Palmitas in an effort to bring the area together and to try and change its gritty image.


Working side-by-side with its residents, the initiative was aimed at bringing a sense of community integration to the town while also inspiring young people to use art as self-expression.

The facades of over 200 homes have been painted in hues of lavender, lime green, yellow and orange – colours you’re more likely to find in a bag of Skittles than on a Mexican hillside. Seen from a distance, the houses combine to form an abstract rainbow of sorts, but looking closer there are intricate murals around each corner of the neighbourhood.

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(All images: Germen Nuevo Muralismo Mexicano/Facebook)

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