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Singapore’s Newest Hotel Is A Minimalist’s Total Dream

Singapore’s Newest Hotel Is A Minimalist’s Total Dream

Minimalism is all the rage right now. Businesses around the world, from cafes and restaurants to clothing stores and bookshops, are following the trend. So are hotels. And there’s one in Singapore that’s doing a darn good job of it. It’s a total dream for all those who like to simplify, declutter and clean.

Recently opened in March, Hotel Mono is exactly as the name suggests. Completely and utterly monochromatic. The rooms, foyer, hallways and facade of the hotel strictly follow a white, black and grey colour scheme, which is super soothing to look at. We rounded up some pictures that will fill you with a deep sense of calm.

The foyer sets the scene pretty nicely for what’s to come:

hotel mono 2
That staircase! That built-in chair! One single leaf!

Here’s the very cool loft room, completely fitted out with black iron castings and straight edges.

hotel mono 3

As well as a slightly terrifying bed.

hotel mono 5

The family room looks like an actual family should never, ever come near it. It’s far too neat.

hotel mono 7
Family room. The neat family room. Don’t touch!

Actually, maybe the single room isn’t even fit to sleep in. It’s too pretty.

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hotel mono 8
Single room. All the prettiness.

And the bathroom? It’s maybe the most perfect one I’ve ever seen. No showers in here, please.

hotel mono 6

Yep, at Hotel Mono you can breathe deeply and relax. Everything has it’s place. It’s a minimalist’s — or maybe just control freak’s — dream hotel. Check out more info here.

(All images: Hotel Mono/Facebook)

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