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Your Ultimate Guide To Singapore For When That Travel Bubble Arrives

Your Ultimate Guide To Singapore For When That Travel Bubble Arrives

By now you must have heard that the Australia-Singapore travel bubble is looking a lot more solid — so maybe we can actually get excited now.

Despite rumours about these travel arrangements starting to circulate back in October 2020, over the weekend Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack commented on the bubble while on the ABC’s Insiders.

“We’re working with Singapore at the moment, potentially for a bubble in July,” the Deputy Prime Minister said. “As the vaccine rolls out, not only in Australia but in more countries, we’ll reopen more bubbles”.


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Look, 20202 has me feeling pretty jaded about all international travel arrangements — I won’t truly believe in any flight sales or travel bubbles until a plane full of people has actually left Aussie shores — so I don’t think it’ll happen in July. However, that does point to Singapore being one of the first countries we can actually fly to, and that’s worth a little hype.

So let’s get hype.

Setting a budget

First things first, how much money will you need? Well, obviously the limit does not exist. However, despite having a reputation for being a bit pricey, you can definitely see the best it has to offer on a budget. Here’s how to do it.

Where to eat


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The Singapore food scene is one that people rave about. From upscale restaurants to $4 dishes from hawkers markets, here’s a guide to eating like the locals. Or, if you ever find yourself with one weekend to stuff your face, here’s a 24-hour guide to the best eats.

Heck, you can even get the only street-vendor food in the WORLD to be awarded Michelin stars. That’s literally the best food you can get for under $5. Speaking of hawker markets, here’s your guide to five of the best.

Singapore’s most famous dishes might involve a lot of seafood (hello spicy crab), but that doesn’t mean non-meat eaters won’t be just as happy with the food here. Here’s the vegan guide to prove it.

Not to mention Singapore is home to some of the top-rated bars in the world.

What to do

We might all be familiar with the iconic light-up trees of Garden By The Bay, but there’s so much more here. Like a literal Willy Wonka-esque chocolate adventure in this special garden (yes, you pick your own treats).

Or get involved in what Singapore does best — an all-night party. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like, let our writer tell you.

Supernatural enthusiasts need to take a trip out to Singapore’s haunted island, Pulau Ubin. To be honest, it’s so beautiful here you should go whether you care about ghosts or not.

Of course, if you need a small break from the hustle and bustle of the city, here are four experiences to go green and chill out.

What the locals do

Of course, your best bet in any country is to ask a local and do as they do. This is exactly why we asked a Singaporean pop and R&B artist to give us the goods. Here are her top tips.

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