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Singapore Now Has Michelin-Starred Meals For Under $5

Singapore Now Has Michelin-Starred Meals For Under $5

Two hawker-style food stalls in Singapore have made history by being the first street vendors to be awarded with Michelin stars.

Michelin have just released their first ever guide to Singapore with 29 local dining venues getting a look in. 22 of those restaurants were awarded one star, six establishments received two stars, and one restaurant – the French contemporary Joël Robuchon restaurant – got the maximum of three stars.

Michelin stars are a pretty big deal in the fine dining world. Receiving a star can cause your restaurant’s notoriety to skyrocket, and losing one can cause top chefs to break down and cry. Being recognised on the Michelin Guide is a little like getting an Academy Award for making good food, so in that sense, it’s always a nice surprise when the underdog wins.

Two restaurants featured in the inaugural guide were Singaporean street vendors – also known as Hawker stalls. A Hawker is technically the food centre that houses these street vendors – most sellers specialise in a few dishes each, which they’ve often spent years perfecting.


The same can be said for the two restaurants chosen by Michelin, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle. These hole-in-the-wall eaters may not have the fancy table cloths and waiter service you’d normally associate with Michelin fine-dining, but their food sure does pack a punch.

Plus, they’re cheap as all hell. While a seven-course meal at the three-star Joël Robuchon Restaurant will set you back around $422 (plus taxes), the one-star Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle serves up a whole chicken for $14 – but rumour has it you’ll have to wait in a queue for an hour to get your hands on it. But hey, it’s certainly worth the wait…


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(Lead image: left; damien_tc/Instagram, right; eileenongxt/Instagram)

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