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These Are The Simple Pleasures That Make Us The Happiest, According To A New Survey

These Are The Simple Pleasures That Make Us The Happiest, According To A New Survey

There’s nothing like a global pandemic taking away all the luxuries you took for granted to make you truly appreciate life’s simple pleasures. How else do you explain the sourdough phenomenon? I mean, really, when you think about it, even the best parts of travelling are simple things.

On that note, Small Luxury Hotels of the World commissioned research which surveyed 1000 Australian adults to find the top 50 pleasures, and it turns out most of them won’t even break the bank — like sleeping in a freshly made bed, going to the beach and long walks.

As it turns out, 31 percent of Aussie adults simply want ‘cake’, and it’s such a mood. A quarter enjoys catching up with friends, which is only surprising that more people don’t enjoy time with their friends — bit awkward.

The Aussie Top 25:

1. Listening to your favourite songs
2. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
3. Making someone smile or laugh
4. A nice dinner
5. Payday
6. Sleeping in a big incredibly comfy bed
7. Sound of rain on the window
8. Stunning views
9. Watching your favourite movie
10. Going to the beach
11. Having dinner made for you
12. Finding money in a purse/wallet you had forgotten about
13. Dining out
14. Discovering new places
15. Getting a delivery in the post
16. Home cooking
17. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good
18. Staying in bed on a Sunday morning
19. Feeling the sun on your face
20. Receiving a compliment from a stranger
21. Having a gossip or catch up with friends
22. Laughing out loud at a film
23. Not having to set the alarm at the weekend or on a day off
24. Seeing flowers and trees blossom
25. Long walks

You can check out the full Aussie 50, plus the top 50 for the UK, USA and Singapore, right here.

Besides the actual things we enjoy, it seems that we enjoy about seven moments of simple pleasure every week — which is once a day so that’s not bad. Those moments can leave us satisfied for an average of 31 minutes once they’ve happened. Although a fifth can bask in it for an hour or more.

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Despite this though, 41 percent of respondents don’t feel they have enough time in their day-to-day to take advantage of their small pleasures as much as they should — so let this be your sign to stop and literally smell the roses.

(Lead image: Unsplash / Cristina Gottardi)

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