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6 Victorian Hot Springs For Soaking Away Your Winter Blues

6 Victorian Hot Springs For Soaking Away Your Winter Blues

Winter tends to send us all indoors to cosy up by the fireplace (or heater, for those of us not lucky enough to have a fireplace). However, even if you’re not a fan of the snow, there are plenty of ways to get outside.

One of the best ways, in my opinion, is to find a good hot spring and stay there all day.

Victoria absolutely knows what’s up when it comes to the luxury of a good hot spring because they have a huge amount of amazing ones. We’ve rounded up our top six for your winter explorations.

#1 Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula

I’m going to start with one we all know and love because the Peninsula Hot Springs truly deserves their accolades. From overnight glamping packages, to an onsite spa and heaps of hot pools to choose from, this place is a dream.

#2 Deep Blue Hot Springs, Warrnambool

The only thing better than relaxing in a hot spring is relaxing in a hot spring that’s inside a cave, which is something that Deep Blue Hot Springs has a lot of.

Ever heard of an aquifer? No, me either, but is a geological formation that can be pumped, and is how Deep Blue Geothermal Pools get their water. It’s packed with natural minerals and salts, coming out of the ground at 45 degrees, ready to be your therapy. You can get packages for accommodation and spa treatments here too.

#3 Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, Daylesford

If you’re ready to go all out on the indulgence, Hepburn Bathhouse is absolutely the place for you — after all, they’ve been in business since 1895, so you know they’re good. while the heat might not be natural, the mineral-rich water is.

They have a range of pools between 34-36 degrees, or you can dive into the 36 degree salt and magnesium pool.

#4 Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs & Spa, Montrose


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An easy 40-minute drive from Melbourne will get you to the Japanese Mountain Retreat. As the name suggests, they offer Japanese-style bathing, but they’ve also got a Roman bathhouse, Arabian Steam Temple and Moroccan-style Hammam beauty rituals.

#5 Ofuroya Japanese Bath House, Collingwood

It’s a bath, not a hot spring, but as the first traditional Japanese public bathhouse (known as a sento) in AustraliaOfuroya knows what’s up so I’m including them.

At the moment, they’re opening every day at 2pm, but running male and female-only sessions on separate days (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for the men and Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays for the ladies). They also have a lounge for drinks after your swim, or grab a shiatsu acupressure session.

#6 Yarrangobilly Caves, Kosciuszko National Park


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Ok yeah, so it’s just a teensy bit over the border into New South Wales, but it’s close enough to count. Inside Kosciuszko National Park, the thermal pool at Yarrangobilly Caves naturally sits at around 27 degrees all year long, making the perfect dip to relax your muscles after a big snow sesh (or not).

5 More Hot Springs Coming Soon

Because there’s no such things as ‘enough’ when it comes to hot springs, Victoria currently has several projects in the works around the state. Watch this space for:

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