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The Sicilian Government Wants To Help Pay For Your Next Visit Once Travel Kicks Off Again

The Sicilian Government Wants To Help Pay For Your Next Visit Once Travel Kicks Off Again

The one thing I’ve been dreaming of since travel shut down is where I’ll go when it all starts up again. With so much time to plan, you can safely assume that I have a solid itinerary for just about every country on the planet at this point, but Sicily just sky-rocketed to the top of my list.

Why? Because the Sicilian Government has announced their plans to help pay for foreign tourist’s trips once travel gates are open again (and yes, at some point, they will open again).


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While full details are yet to be announced, The Times reported that there are plans to pay for half the price of airfares for foreign travellers, as well as paying for one of every three nights spent in one of their hotels and the entire cost of tickets to museums and archaeological sites.

The scheme will cost their government a full €50 million (AU$86.4 million), with the aim of reviving their tourism industry after this whole shit-show of a pandemic.

Italy as a whole has been on a nationwide lockdown since March 10, but has announced it will be entering new phases from today that slowly relax the current restrictions, including letting Italians travel within their own region to visit their families and the reopening of shops, galleries and more.

While no-one is claiming the process of getting back to a normal world will be a fast one, there are certainly signs that it’s starting to head in that direction and by golly that’s getting me excited.

Just incase you need help to plan your next trip around Italy, in particular where you should eat, do yourself a favour and refer to this interactive map of the main pasta dishes in each region.

Seeing as Sicily hit the ‘best travel destinations for 2020‘ list before the world went a little crazy, this is all very good news. Happy planning!

(Lead Image: Pexels / Daniele Putti)

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