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How To Score Deals To Luxe Hotels For Those Last-Minute Escapes

How To Score Deals To Luxe Hotels For Those Last-Minute Escapes

Last week, facing the likelihood of a full week stuck inside my own house thanks to terrible weather, I took a little last-minute staycation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my house and there a few things I enjoy more than a good book and hot tea while the rain patters outside — but I have my limits, and a week of rain well and truly hit them.

The answer wasn’t a weekend trip down the coast, and I live by the beach anyway. The answer was a fancy hotel and room service with all the trimmings, so accepted a last-minute invite from Luxury Escapes to stay at The Fullerton Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

It was a bloody delight: eating room service in the bath –a bathtub that actually fit all six-feet of me in it — at the same time as watching TV through the bathroom window, not needing to tidy up after myself, a deluxe brekkie I didn’t have to make.

It’s all these simple (yet huge) pleasures that make Luxury Escapes new ‘Last Minute Escapes’ a very big yes from me.

This new concept offers a range of exclusive deals that can be booked a few days before you plan to travel. You can stay for as long as you want (or as long as there is space for you), but you won’t have to pay through the roof when you’re in the mood for a little spontaneous vacay (or you’re sick of your trips being cancelled at the last minute by Covid).

There’ll be 20 new deals across metropolitan and regional Australians destinations every week, so no getting bored either.

“Last year we revealed that 88 percent of Australians are planning a domestic holiday this year, but sudden border closures and tightened restrictions make it tricky to plan far in advance,” Luxury Escapes Chief Marketing Officer Jason Shugg said in a statement.

“‘Last Minute Escapes’ provides a solution for this, creating another way for customers to find and book travel experiences in line with the rapidly changing travel environment we’re in”.

As you would expect from Luxury Escapes, the hotels in question are, well, luxe. For example, besides The Fullerton, current deals include Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Sydney, Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Capri By Fraser Brisbane, Hotel Grand Chancellor Palm Cove, Alex Hotel Perth, QT Canberra and Barossa Shiraz Estate.

“We want to help each of our [hotel and accommodation] partners to not just survive but thrive through the coming months,” continue Shugg. “We’re hopeful this will encourage Aussies to be spontaneous and provide our tourism providers some much-needed support this year”.

Given international travel is still on hold, seems like the perfect time to channel that flight money into a little local pampering.

You can check out the Last Minute Escapes deals right here.

(Lead image: provided / The Fullerton Hotel Sydney / Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel)

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