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Three Very Good Doggos Have Become Japan’s Newest And Cutest Tourist Attraction

Three Very Good Doggos Have Become Japan’s Newest And Cutest Tourist Attraction

shiba inus

There are tonnes of incredible sites to see, and places to visit in Japan, but we regret to inform you they’re all cancelled. Cancelled because three sweet baby angel shiba inus have simultaneously stolen our hearts and become the hottest tourist attraction in the country.

Call a medic, we are dead.


You’ll find these three very handsome boys on what’s a fairly quiet residential street near Shimabara Castle, in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Here stands a regular old concrete wall with three beautifully carved dog head-sized holes, where the shiba inus poke their little snoots out just waiting for a booping!


The owner of the property first cut the holes to provide airflow to the garden, and added more after noticing how obsessed their pups were with peeking out into the street, Lonely Planet reports. And, with the help of Instagram, the pooches have become maybe the most deserving internet celebs of all time.

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Cuddle and pet them all day long, there’s just one rule – please don’t feed them! Seriously. Help keep them happy, healthy and floofy by knowing their owners will feed them only the yummiest and healthiest food.

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See you soon, you bunch of too-pure-for-this-earth babies!

How To Get There

  • Fly Qantas to Tokyo, Japan
  • Catch a connecting OneWorld partner flight to Kumamoto
  • Drive 53km
  • PUPPIES — 855-0036 Nagasaki-ken, Shimabara-shi, Jōnai
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(Lead image: Miguel / YouTube) 

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