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Big W Is Selling Cheap Christmas Outfits For Your Dog So Go Buy One Already

Big W Is Selling Cheap Christmas Outfits For Your Dog So Go Buy One Already

I’ve said it once, I’ll repeat it a thousand times: everyone is REALLY throwing themselves into the Christmas cheer this year. It’s not that surprising, we all deserve a little fun after ~2020~, and what could be more fun than dressing up the fur baby I KNOW you adopted during lockdown in fun Chrissie costumes?

Big W has made that easier by releasing a range of pet costumes in time for Christmas, all under $10.

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t even have a dog. To be more honest, I don’t even want one, I’m perfectly content patting other people’s and then giving them back. Now that costumes are involved, however, I might be changing my mind.

Please allow me to start with this doggo Santa outfit. Is it particularly hilarious to me because the little guy wearing it just looks so damn serious? Probably.

And this Hawaiian Santa shirt? I simply cannot. I’m partial to a Hawaiian Santa shirt as it is (don’t ask me to explain why, I simply can’t, it’s just a thing that *is*), but making it small just takes the adorability up a notch.

For the dog that prefers to keep things subtle, you can always just stick to these reindeer ears, or this little Santa hat and scarf, or the elf version. I mean, either way your fur baby is probably going to have way less fun than you with this whole thing, but still.

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Finally, you can just keep it simple with these two little Chrissie coats, which are probably just like the winter jackets some of your dogs have to wear so maybe they’ll be more used to it.

Do the world a favour and dress them up, then take them with you to view the Christmas lights in your area. Please and thank you.

(All Images: Provided / Big W)

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