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This Haunted House Will Give $20,000 To Anyone Brave Enough To Conquer It

This Haunted House Will Give $20,000 To Anyone Brave Enough To Conquer It

Scariest Haunted House

Some haunted houses are good for cheap thrills. Others are themed, and some are juuust spooky enough to get you into the Halloween spirit. And then there’s McKamey Manor, the scariest haunted house in the world.

It’s so intense that there’s a huge payout of US$20,000 (AUD$29,187.93) on the line for anybody who can make it all the way through. Unfortunately, it’s so scary that nobody has ever successfully completed it.


Inside McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, you’ll experience scares like “intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe and fog effects, damp and wet conditions, physically demanding environments, close contact with creatures (you might be touched), very real and graphic scenes of horror”.


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Before you can even step foot inside the haunted house, you need to sign a 40-page waiver, supply a doctor’s letter stating you’re physically and mentally cleared to participate, pass a background check, sports physical and drug test, and provide proof of medical insurance.

You also have to watch this video with footage from past games, “showcasing every contestant who has ever attempted the new McKamey Manor tours”. The experience can last up to ten hours, and its creator, Russ McKamey, claims to personalise each game based on the player’s fears.

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McKamey Manor is so intense that it was featured on Netflix’s Haunters: Art of the Scare documentary and an episode of Dark Tourist, and honestly it just seems extremely cursed. But if you want to try the scariest haunted house in the world this Halloween (although McKamey Manor runs year-round), you can contact Russ here.

Entry is just the cost of a bag of dog food, and there’s a whole lot of money up for grabs — but can you truly put a price on this protracted exercise in spooking?

Find out what happens inside McKamey Manor here

(Lead image: McKamey Manor)

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