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2016’s Top 5 Trending Destinations, According To Google Search

2016’s Top 5 Trending Destinations, According To Google Search

Want to know the travel destinations everyone else is Googling while they’re at work? Here you go!

Google has released the world’s top five trending cities according to searches on its platform, and while the statistics only capture US search stats, they definitely reflect global destination trends (especially if our Instagram feeds are anything to go by).

Coming in first place is Reykjavik, which makes sense considering Iceland’s huge surge in popularity over the last few years; it saw a 29.2% increase in overseas visitors from 2014 to 2015 alone. With its Instagrammable natural landscapes, excellent instructional tourism videos and influential celebrity endorsees (yes, #Kimye), it’s really no surprise that this small island is popping on so many travellers’ radars.


In second place is Havana, a city that feels stuck in time, with vintage cars and colourful houses peppering the town. Couple that with the fact that Cuba only recently opened its borders to US tourists and you’ve got yourself an interesting holiday destination that’s definitely worth a Google.


With a hunky prime minister, free national parks and the longest bike path in the world, it seems Canada is on a bit of a winning streak. Toronto, its most populous city, has long been a favourite of those looking to enjoy its cultural benefits and surrounding nature. It placed third on the list. Check out these Toronto travel tips from seasoned pros.

Mexico City, a place Ernest Hemingway dubbed the most surreal city in the world, also made it into the top five. With incredible food and a great conversion rate for dollars, Mexico is a bit of  a no brainer. Check out our ultimate Mexico City hacks and get going.

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Rounding out the top five is a favourite for Aussie travellers – Tokyo. Excellent record shopping, an out-of-this world nightlife culture, fresh-as food and some out-of-body experiences could all be reasons why Japan’s capital made the list. Or maybe it’s just the brilliant convenience stores.

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