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8 Quirky Christmas Cards That People Will Actually Want To Read

8 Quirky Christmas Cards That People Will Actually Want To Read

There’s a fine art to finding the perfect card for any occasion. Your regular newsagency cards will just end up in the trash as a waste of paper, but the right card is a damn treasure.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird about cards, but regardless, the people love a fun card and Christmas is no different.

If you’re sick of the mistletoe and plain old ‘seasons greetings’, here’s a bunch of cards to send out instead this year.

#1 DG Designs

Image: DG Designs

New York artist, Dom Gauci, creates artwork featured pop culture icons and urban colours, and right now she’s put them in a pack of 10 or 20 Christmas cards for you, from $29.99.

#2 Mum & Me Designs

Image: Mum & Me Designs

This Etsy store based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is selling packs of five very cute and very Australiana Chrissie cards for $14.50.

#3 Cards by Joanne

Image: Cards By Joanne

Have a Schitty Christmas card, ready to go, with this single card for $6.50 that’s made in Sydney. Seems appropriate for 2020, to be honest, and not just because the show just cleaned up a million awards.

#4 Ritzy Rose

Image: Ritzy Rose

Is it too soon to joke about the tremendously terrible year that was 2020? What about if you do it with adorable animal illustrations, wearing masks? These quarantine cuties come in a 24-pack for $35.20.

#5 Candle Bark Creations

Image: Candle Bark Creations

As always, the Queens of Australian television brighten any festive occasion. This time they’re doing it on an Aussie-made Chrissie card for $5.95.

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#6 Kim West Art

Image: Kim West Art

This Melbourne-based artist has tapped into my love of Brooklyn 99, and he fact that Captain Holt is always funny. This card is going for $5.10.

#7 Beccy Kitty Designs

Image: Beccy Kitty Designs

What can I say, I love cheese and a good dad joke, so this cute little brie card is definitely making it on my list. You can grab this for $4.99 from this Aussie-based store.

#8 Honey + Oat Studios

Image: Honey + Oat Studios

Rounding out my top eight picks, purely because he’s a sweet, sweet angel, is this Harry Styles card by a Canberra-based digital illustrator for $5.95. They have a range of other great ones too, like Beyoncè and Rhianna.

(Lead Image: Cards By Joanne / DG Designs / Candle Bark Creations) best Christmas cards of 2020

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