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Rejoice! There’s Now A Tour Of Paris Showing Its History From A Female Perspective

Rejoice! There’s Now A Tour Of Paris Showing Its History From A Female Perspective

History is known to be written by the victors, who have almost always been men. But one tour guide wanted to show a different side to Paris’ story by creating a walking tour that focuses on the female influence on the city.

Women Of Paris was started by Heidi Evans, a British expat who found that female history was a “grossly neglected topic in Paris tourism”. “Typical tours of the city are dominated by great men (Napoleon, Louis XIV, Victor Hugo etc) and often don’t include much reference to great women,” she writes on the Women Of Paris website. “Or, if they do mention women, it is often in a negative light.”

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So instead she started up a tour that does the exact opposite, shining a light on the achievements and influences of females on the great city. Her tour will focus on the females that pioneered the Paris we know and love. Women like Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker, Marie Curie and Sylvia Beach, to name a few.

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Guests can choose from the ‘Essential’ walking tour or the ‘Sugar and Spice’ tour. The Essential tour provides an all-encompassing walking tour to women’s history in Paris, taking tourists down the Left Bank, through Jardins de Luxembourg and Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

The Sugar and Spice tour will focus on the “lives and achievements of female writers in Paris”, focusing mainly in Saint-Germain-des-Prés with tastings at the chocolatiers and pastry shops in the district.

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Prices start at $50 for a group of three. You can find out more information and book here.

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