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Tokyo’s Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’ Is Operating In Australia Now!

Tokyo’s Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’ Is Operating In Australia Now!

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No longer will copping the dodgy controller, being confused about which screen to look at or getting stuck with Luigi as your character (don’t @ us) be an excuse as to why you lost that game of Mario Kart.

Japan’s real-life version of the greatest video game of all time is heading down under, and tickets are on sale now. It’s time to settle the score once and for all.


Mushroom Racing, as it’s dubbed, allows you to get kitted out in your best Mario Kart-themed getup and zoom through secret locations in Sydney (until November 11), Perth (Sunday December 2) and Brisbane (November 17 to 18) in the race of a lifetime.

As you might expect, banana peels and turtle shells are a no-no, but prizes are certainly up for grabs, including $1000 cold hard cash. Wahoo!

Your ticket includes up to 20 laps of the course, costume hire, a return trip from the CBD to the undisclosed location and ultimate bragging rights once you absolutely annihilate your mates on the track.

Tickets start at $85 and are super limited. Sydneysiders, get yours here, Perthians here, and Brisbanites here.

See you on Rainbow Road, you cowards.

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(Lead Image: MariCar / Facebook) 

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