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Qantas Revives The Days Of Mullets And In-Flight Martinis In New Safety Video

Qantas Revives The Days Of Mullets And In-Flight Martinis In New Safety Video

As frequent flyers know, it helps when an airline injects some entertainment value into their safety videos. You may as well have a chuckle as you note the exits. Enter the brand-new entry from Qantas in this highly specific genre.

The new video uses the airline’s 100-year anniversary as inspiration. The safety briefing is delivered by current Qantas crew members in period costume, tracking the history of Qantas from the 1920s to present day.

This means we also get entertaining recreations of aviation over the decades.

The story back in the day when Qantas was known as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. The video recreates scenes of the old-school Avro 504 biplane and the de Havilland Express with CGI, drawing on photographs and plans from the national archives. In other scenes, detailed real-life sets were used.

We then move up the decades, through the ‘40s and ‘50s to the swinging ‘60s. We also learn about Qantas pioneering the business class concept in the 1970s. Back then, though, it was more martinis and cigarette smoke than plush blankets and celebrity chefs.

Of course, the ‘70s and ‘80s throwbacks bring the most entertainment value. Think bushy ‘mos, mullets, bold prints and big perms. Many of the costumes were sourced from op shops in regional Australia.

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You can check out the 2020 safety video above. It’s a little odd to watch without your tray table stowed and seat in its upright position, but you’ll probably learn something.

(Lead Image: Qantas / Supplied) 

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