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A Hedgehog Cafe Has Opened In Tokyo & Oh God, It’s Cute

A Hedgehog Cafe Has Opened In Tokyo & Oh God, It’s Cute

Apparently Japan’s towns overrun with wild deerpet hotels, hot springs bathed in by snow monkeys and village just for foxes didn’t quite fulfil the country’s quota for cuteness.

We took you on a tour of Tokyo’s animal cafes last year, and here’s another one to add to the list: a cafe opened in the Roppongi district of Tokyo this February where you can go and cuddle hedgehogs all day and wait for them to unfurl and show you their tiny faces and feel your whole heart melt away and oh god, look at this photo, I need to be there right now.

The cafe named HARRY (which is just a delightful choice for some reason)  has 20 to 30 breeds of hedgehog at any one time. Hedghehogs are pretty common house pets in Japan and the cafe aims to show people the softer side of these spiky balls of joy. As the website says, hedgehogs have “lovely eyes, little hands and legs, fluffy stomach but tingly back, their cuteness could make you so amazed that sometimes you need to pinch yourself.” We believe it.


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Entry is 1,000 yen ($12AUD) on weekdays and 1,300 yen ($16) on weekends and you’ll find the cafe at Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-7-2 IWAHORI Building 2F.

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