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Instagrammer Of The Week: @jodymacdonaldphoto

Instagrammer Of The Week: @jodymacdonaldphoto

Instagram is great for a lot of things – showing off that one Masterchef-worthy meal you painstakingly cook once a month, sharing photos of dogs that walk past you on the street, the #thatlookslikeaface hashtag and best of all, mindlessly scrolling through the lives of others. If you’re like us, those others tend to be the ones who spend most of their time traversing the globe, capturing images of far-flung countries to share so that we may give them the double-click they deserve. We’ll be highlighting one of our favourite travel Instagrammers each week – this time we turn the spotlight to National Geographic explorer @jodymacdonaldphoto. Here are our five favourite shots.


A kiteboarding expedition on the Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique is probably not how you spent your last vacation.


Floating freely on the edge of Micronesia looks a little something like this.


Baobob Alley in Madagascar. These trees can live for 6000 years. That’s almost as old as Michael Douglas.


The Namib Desert in Namibia dwarfs the foreground with this impressive sand dune.


Running into friends in the forest.

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