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Dream Job Alert: This Family Want You To Travel The World And Take Their Pictures

Dream Job Alert: This Family Want You To Travel The World And Take Their Pictures

Wanna travel the world and be a rich family's photographer?

Most of us are happy to settle for less when it comes to what jobs we take. After all, we know that chances are we probably won’t get paid to say, travel the world with an ultra rich family and take photographs of them for an incredible yearly salary.

Well, um, maybe this is a lesson in the importance of not underestimating ourselves, because guess what? An ultra rich family want to pay somebody to travel the world with them and take their photographs for an incredible yearly salary.


This dream job was first announced by Perfocal, a UK-based company that connects photographers with clients.

On their blog, Perfocal shared that they recently received what they’re describing as a “unique” request.

Turns out, a “high-profile” anonymous father got in touch with the company and asked if Perfocal might be able to find him a photographer with a minimum of five years experience to travel to locations like Australia, Europe, America, and South America over 2019, dropping in at events like the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco.

A rich anonymous dad is using Perfocal to find a new photographer
Image: Perfocal

See, this rich dad has been employing a photographer on a semi-regular basis for years. Only, recently, his regular snapper dropped out, and now he’s on the hunt for a new one.

Old dad does admit that the job is a “big one”, with a lot of responsibility: the snapper might be working up to ten hours a day, taking up to 30 days holiday a year.

But uh, when your job is literally to travel the world taking the odd photo now and then, who needs holidays?

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Better still, the starting salary is £80,000 a year, or AU$140,840. Oh, and travel, accommodation, and food will all be covered.

How could anyone say no?

You can apply to the most extraordinary job imaginable at the Perfocal blog, here.

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