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The Surfing Conditions On This Lake Are Absolutely Perfect For Everyone

The Surfing Conditions On This Lake Are Absolutely Perfect For Everyone

When you think of the best-ever surfing conditions, a mechanised lake probably isn’t what comes to mind. After all, lakes are mostly flat, and the opposite is generally needed to catch waves. But 5 Waves in Yeppoon, Queensland is no regular lake. It’s the world’s first multi-break surf lake, using innovative technology to create 5 different types of waves.


While artificial wave pools for surfing have been a thing for ages, this is the first that has been able to cater for multiple different experience levels at once. It uses concentric swells to create five levels of waves simultaneously. So, you can have novices practicing their paddles in one section, and a pro surfers carving up in another.

One of the best things about the 5 Waves lake is that it’s regulated and, unlike mother nature, predictable. When you’re first learning how to surf it can be intimidating not knowing what’s waiting for you out in the big blue, whereas this allows to build your skills and confidence in safe conditions. Plus, it helps reduce overcrowding at some of the more popular surf breaks.


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While the Yeppoon Surf Lake is only a test facility, there are six other locations currently in the works. By 2020, there’s expected to be a surf lake in Western Australia, London, Spain and Brazil. Cowabunga!


You can learn more about the Surf Lakes here.

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