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Everybody Stay Calm But Ben & Jerry’s Just Released An Ice Cream Burger

Everybody Stay Calm But Ben & Jerry’s Just Released An Ice Cream Burger

Australian’s love a weird burger, we also seem to love Ben & Jerry’s and just ice cream in general — so it makes a whole lot of sense that they’ve released ‘The Impossible to Eat Burger’.

Yes, this ice cream monstrosity (in the best sense of the word) Ben & Jerry’s burger features a sweet, brioche bun, with a Biscoff spread and crunchy waffle pieces. Why? To represent the lettuce and tomato, obviously. Then you have a covering of ice cream, complete with famous chunks and swirls, as you’d expect. It’s all topped off with a bit of hot fudge or caramel sauce.

Honestly, it’s the best thing they’ve done since they released edible cookie dough.


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Excited? Yeah, same. This outrageous, yet amazing burger is out now at select stores around Australia and New Zealand. In the best news, you can also get it delivered to you via UberEats. Or, to be precise, you can score the ice cream burg at:

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Pilbara Broome West Australia WA

  • Bondi (NSW)
  • Chatswood (NSW)
  • Manly (NSW)
  • Surfers Paradise (QLD)
  • Pacific Fair (QLD)
  • Mooloolaba (QLD)
  • Noosa (QLD)
  • Hillary’s Boat Harbour (WA)
  • Northbridge (WA)
  • Fremantle (WA)
  • Joondalup (WA)
  • Flinders’ Lane (VIC)
  • St Kilda (VIC)
  • Burwood Brickworks (VIC)

Kiwis can also find it at the Ponsonby, ChristchurchCommercial Bay and Mission Bay stores. Yes I know, we Aussies get more, but you got the new Caramilk flavour exclusively, so don’t be greedy.

Besides, now is basically the best time for a road trip, and if food isn’t worth the trip I don’t know what is. You can even catch up on your podcast listening on your way.

(Lead Image: Provided / Ben & Jerry’s)

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