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OMG Barbie & Ken Are Modelling 95 Years Of Qantas Uniforms

OMG Barbie & Ken Are Modelling 95 Years Of Qantas Uniforms

The world’s most important plastic couple are back (sidenote – what ever happened to Barbie’s Aussie boyfriend Blaine?) and they’re as stylish as ever.


To mark their 95th birthday in November, Qantas has recruited the iconic duo to model the evolution of their uniforms over the years in an exhibition in Sydney. Almost 50 Barbie and Ken dolls will be on display wearing their own mini Qantas uniforms, showcasing styles from the 1920s until now.


The exhibit will see everything from the flamboyant ’70s uniforms to the old school pilot uniforms that once upon a time involved wearing flying goggles and leather jackets to keep warm. Seriously. How cool is that?

This was actually a Qantas uniform!

The project was the brainchild of the late John Willmott-Potts, a former Qantas flight attendant who put the uniforms together over his 22 years of service for the airline.


Mr Willmott-Potts matched the uniforms to vintage Barbie and Ken dolls from a similar era, meaning those 1960s a-line mini skirts will perfectly match Barbie’s huge beehive hairstyle of the time.


Qantas asked Paris-based Australian designer Martin Grant to create mini versions of Qantas’ current uniforms to add to the collection.

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The dolls will be on display in the Sydney Qantas Club for the next four weeks.

Check them out for yourself – fly with Qantas to Sydney today.

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