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Best Internship Ever Alert: Discovery Networks Are On The Hunt For An Intern To Travel The World

Best Internship Ever Alert: Discovery Networks Are On The Hunt For An Intern To Travel The World

If you’re one of those people who’d rather become a travel blogger than work a boring office job (ie literally everybody), Discovery Networks has an opportunity that you’ll want to get involved with.

The search is on for the Discovery Intern: someone who, according to the competition website, is a “young, adventurous and creative Aussie or Kiwi, who can showcase a location through images, video and text.” Yep, that’s you.

This is the second year Discovery has offered the experience, with the winner this time around getting the chance to explore Japan, the USA, Croatia, Germany and South Africa.

They’ll be expected to post photos, videos and articles about their adventures on Discovery Channel’s social media platforms and Heaps of Stuff website. As part of the internship, the chosen candidate will also visit Discovery Networks headquarters and learn a thing or two along the way.

A major point of difference this year is that the winner has the option of bringing along a travel buddy (all paid for by Discovery btw… not a bad deal).

To put yourself in the running, head here and upload a profile. Entries are open until December 17, with two rounds of challenges and voting to narrow down the field to the top five. From there, Discovery will interview the remaining finalists and choose one as the Discovery Intern.

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Vivonne Bay, South Australia

Last year’s winner, Ben Mikha, a 25-year-old from Auckland, documented his travels to Singapore, USA, Iceland, Italy and the UK, and later was given the chance to do a takeover of Discovery US Facebook and Instagram, sharing his adventures with their 35 million followers and boosting his own travel blogger goals.

So, if you’re constantly asking how you can get a gig like one of those wanderlusters all over your Insta feed, here’s a chance to join them.

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