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Airbnb Has Built A Community Minded Hotel In Japan

Airbnb Has Built A Community Minded Hotel In Japan

Some pretty awesome things are happening in Japan right now. We’ve told you all about the Hello Kitty hotel rooms and the not one but two (!) mayonnaise cafes. But the country has another win up their sleeve, and it’s in Airbnb’s bid to help build a community-minded hotel.

It’s called The Yoshino Cedar House and it’s aimed towards fostering community connections between the locals who act as the hosts and the travellers who come and stay. Tokyo-based architect Go Hasegawa and the community of Yoshino collaborated with Airbnb to get the project off the ground. It was built from timber located in the cedar forests nearby, and was handcrafted by the local carpenters.

cedar house 4

As a result, the Yoshino Cedar House is so much more than your average hostel or share home. By sourcing local materials, it keeps the tradition of the area in the forefront of peoples mind. Even fish are caught along the river to be cooked up at home, like what would have happened centuries ago.

cedar house 2

Currently, Japan is struggling with an ageing population, meaning a lot of farmland has been abandoned for people moving to urban and developed areas.

With the urban areas now acting as the new community space, Yoshino Cedar House seeks to bring back regional areas and explore the connection between shared living and community.

cedar house 6

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As Airbnb puts it, “The Yoshino Cedar House aims to prove that the house is more than a physical space. It speaks a simple truth that we all understand: human beings seek community.”

You can have a look at the listing here.

(All images: Airbnb)

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