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AWOL Roundtable: The Recipes That Are Getting Us Through Isolation

AWOL Roundtable: The Recipes That Are Getting Us Through Isolation

With a lot more time on our hands and a lot more reasons to say inside, the rate at which people are cooking is going through the roof. This is fab for our wallets and impressing people at the parties we’ll get to have once again sometime in the future, but it’s also bloody hard to keep it fresh.

Which is why we want to share a few of our new favourite recipes with you. If you’re ready to expand your recipe horizons and branch out from your regulars, here are eight of the recipes getting the wider AWOL team through isolation.

Jaime Oliver’s Chilli Con Carne

Image: Jaime Oliver

I’m a terrible cook, and before iso I never put any effort into cooking. But because I’ve been so bored, I’ve been watching loads of Jamie Oliver — which I find oddly soothing — and on one episode he made this chilli that actually looked pretty easy to recreate, and it was something that could be kept in the freezer for future meals.

I looked up the recipe, gave it a whirl, and have been living off chilli for weeks. It’s delish and the perfect winter meal. I usually serve it with greek yoghurt and corn chips.
– Tara

Find the recipe here. One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Image: Provided.

I’ve never been able to bake anything that actually turns out how it looks in the picture. But the first time I tried this banana bread recipe, I surprised even myself. It’s got everything you want: good consistency, super tasty, and really easy to make.
– Nick

Find the recipe here.

The Woks Of Life Vegetable Dumplings

Image: The Woks Of Life

I’ve made these veggie dumplings twice now and they are delish and super fun! You can also just make the filling and keep it in a container in the fridge and assemble your little dumplings throughout the week.

I also just bought the wrappers pre-made from the local Asian grocer because I couldn’t be bothered making them.”
– Jacinta

Find the recipe here.

ABC Life’s Pasta E Fagioli

Image: ABC Life

Something I’ve made twice during isolation is ABC Life’s Pasta E Fagioli. I would probably never have made it using dried beans pre-isolation, but with more time on my hands I gave them a go and it made all the difference! It’s a super comforting hearty meal.
– Chloe

Find the recipe here.

Milli Taylor’s No Flour Cookies


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Because of the pandemic, I haven’t been able to find flour in the shops for weeks. Every time I’m grocery shopping, no flour!

Milli is a friend of mine, and I saw she made this recipe for cookies that didn’t need any flour. It’s literally just three ingredients — most of which is peanut butter which I love — and they turn out awesome!
– Nick

Find the recipe here.

DIY Zucchini Nachos

Image: Betsy Life

I am not a good cook and would normally never inflict my recipes upon anyone else, but I’ve taken to making nachos with fried zucchini chips instead of corn chips (I saw this in a cookbook once, I did not make it up).

Personally I think it’s delicious, and makes me feel like I’m eating a ‘health’ food, or at least helps balance out the ridiculous amount of sour cream I put on top. I make it up as I go but I’ve found a recipe that’s pretty close.
– Kassia

Find the recipe here.

Recipearce’s Meatballs

Anybody who knows me knows I loathe cooking, not because I can’t, I just simply get zero enjoyment out of it. However I do love eating and with all my spare isolation time I decided to start cooking all the recipes from one of my favourite Instagram pages.

Recipearce’s meatballs were epic! Super easy to make but more importantly delicious. Have them on zoodles if you are anti-carbs or put them on a giant serving of pasta if you’re me! Or just freeze them for later.
– Paige

Find the recipe here.

Auntie Sharon’s Spinach And Tomato Quiche

Image: Provided / Pexels

I inherited this recipe from my (fake) Auntie Sharon (who got it from a Women’s Weekly circa 1970s, I reckon), and thus it’s named after her forever.

I’ve made some minor mods over the years – I do half a cup of milk instead of a quart to make it a bit fluffier, I’m pretty liberal with the sun-dried tomato and pesto. I also don’t do the blind-baking bit because who even knows what that means.

This is comfortably within my cooking skillset, quite possibly tastes even better on a next-day heat up and even my kind of fussy son thinks it’s good enough to insert a serve into his staple baked-beans-or-gtfo diet.
– Johnny

Find the recipe here.

(Lead Image: Instagram @recipearce / The Woks Of Life /Instagram @millitaylor)

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