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A Bubble Tea Theme Park Is Coming To Japan, So Goodbye Forever Aus

A Bubble Tea Theme Park Is Coming To Japan, So Goodbye Forever Aus

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Bubble tea is having a moment. Everywhere you look it’s bubble tea, bubble tea. And now Japan is taking our obsession one step further and opening Tokyo Tapioca Land, an entire theme park dedicated to the sweet drink.

The limited-edition theme park will be taking over the front of Tokyo’s Harajuku Station and turning the space into a haven of boba, a worship site of jelly, a paradise of tapioca.


The exact details of the theme park are still to be announced, but the pop-up promises to have several famous tapioca shops serving their best food and drinks, 10 photo boots, celebrity ambassadors, a tapioca-themed ride and, of course, lots and lots of bubble tea.


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Bubble tea, the concoction made from tea, milk, sugar and toppings like tapioca balls, popping boba or fruit jelly, originated in Taiwan and has since pretty much taken over the world. Sydney recently welcomed Gotcha Fresh Tea, a new luxe-as-hell bubble tea chain that serves the drink in flavours like red bean and honey dew, but even offers teas made with cheese, salted egg, tiramisu foam and collagen.

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While you’re there, check out some of the other amazing food that Tokyo has to offer. And if you’re planning a Tokyo trip a little later in the year, why not book your flight with Qantas Points? The Qantas Points Plane takes off from Melbourne on October 21.

Tokyo Tapioca Land will open its gates on August 13 and serve the good stuff until September 16. Tickets will cost ¥1200 (AU$16) and will score you a drink on arrival.

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