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You Need A Compass And A Passcode To Get Into This New Brisbane Bar

You Need A Compass And A Passcode To Get Into This New Brisbane Bar

Finding a good bar is too easy these days. You look up highly-rated places, chuck the address into Google Maps, head there for a beer or two. Where’s the fun in that?

Brisbane‘s hottest new bar is anything but easy. It takes the form of a 1900s prohibition speakeasy, and it’s very hard to find.

Named Legends (presumably after its new customers: us), the new bar can only be found by following a special set of longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. Yep, you’ve finally got an excuse to use that compass app on your phone.

Once you figure it out and make the journey there, you’ll have to give the security guard a secret passcode ( by way of an old-timey phone) to be let in. It’s be posted on the Legends Bar Facebook page every Thursday at 3.30pm.

Yep, you really work up a thirst looking for this place.

LegendsBar_TomSueYek (12 of 43)

But, once inside, you’ll be greeted by an entirely new decade. In keeping with the speakeasy theme, there’ll be swinging jazz and blues, a classy old-world-saloon fit out and artisanal cocktails made by a magician-like bartender.

So, is the effort worth it? With fried brie and Steampunk Old Fashions on the menu, you tell us.

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Check out more about Legends Bar here, or explore our guide to Brisbane’s other hidden bars here.

(All images: Legends Bar/Facebook)

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