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This Bar Cart Will Tell You Cocktail Recipes, Then Play Music To Match The Mood Of Your Drink

This Bar Cart Will Tell You Cocktail Recipes, Then Play Music To Match The Mood Of Your Drink

There are many things to wish for when Christmas rolls around this year: an end to 2020, these things for your Aussie adventures, or these to make your home a castle.

Considering how hard people fell into the art of cocktail making at home during lockdown this year though, one might say that a talking bar cart is just the ticket.

Yes, I said talking bar cart.

Simply called “The Bar Cart”, the idea was brought to life by Diageo — the people who bring you Smirnoff, Gordon’s gin and Johnnie Walker.

This new bar cart has Amazon’s Alexa installed into it. That means you can ask your cart to find you recipes with the alcohol that you have, then ask it to read the recipes aloud for you as you pour them.

Sure, you could probably essentially do the same thing with whatever talking robot comes with your phone, but that wouldn’t be as Bond-like now, would it?

On top of that — to really get those vibes going — it’s also linked to Spotify, and will have access to a bunch of pre-programmed playlists specifically curated for each of the 12 cocktail recipes it comes installed with. Tell me you’re not on board with this gimmicky, bevvie wheeling piece of home decor now?

“We’re proud to have created a new and innovative way to help Australians entertain at home,”

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“We hope ‘The Bar Cart’ experimental technology will make entertaining at home simple, easy and fun, and offer Aussies the opportunity to explore a world of new tastes and flavour combinations, upping their cocktail and mixed drink-making game,” said Andrew Oughton, the Diageo Marketing & Innovation Director.

I’m just saying, I can very much picture driving around the city, check out all the best Christmas light (which you can find here for Sydney or here for Melbourne), then coming home to sip a few cocktails. That’s called ‘Christmas Spirit’.

The only better present this year, would be a koala in my Chrissie tree.

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