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Feast On Free Fried Chicken At New Restaurant Nakano Darling’s Karaage Happy Hour

Feast On Free Fried Chicken At New Restaurant Nakano Darling’s Karaage Happy Hour

Nakano darling happy hour darling square sydney

Yah, we know — free fried chicken is too good not to click on. And you can get it at Nakano Darling‘s weekday happy hour when you buy a tap beer. That’s a beer and some fried chicken karaage from just $10. What a bargain!

Nakano Darling is a new Japanese restaurant in Darling Square specialising in chicken karaage, gyoza, highball cocktails as well as traditional shoes-not-allowed tatami rooms where diners sit on floor mats to eat from a low, shared table.

nakano darling square japanese karaage
Nakano Darling in Darling Square. Image: Nakano Darling / Facebook

Oh and there’s karaoke too.

To kick off its offering, Nakano Darling is giving you the gift of their fried chicken happy hour, which runs from 5pm to 6pm Monday to Thurdsay, and 4pm to 6pm on Friday. Just in time to head straight there after work.

Outside of happy hour, you’ll also be joyful about the simple menu still spruiking karaage and gyoza as the main event – for example order one serve ($7.50), two serves ($14) or three serves ($20) of gyoza. Serves of karaage are the same price plus $2 each for a range of sauces such as shallot and sesame oil, minced raddish or salt, garlic and vinegar (“yu-rinchi“). There’s also a range of cold sides (eg, edamame or lotus root chips) and hot sides (eg, fried udon or chives and egg omelette) and even a “secret menu” you can only get details about in person at the restaurant.


The drinks list is more extensive, with seven highball cocktails starting at $12 each, Orion beer towers, Japanese fruit wine such as umeshu and yuzushu, plus more cocktails, whisky, shochu and sake. Needless to say you won’t go hungry nor thirsty.

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(All images unless otherwise stated: Nakano Darling)

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