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You Can Now Solve A Murder Mystery On The Actual Orient Express Like Hercule Poirot

You Can Now Solve A Murder Mystery On The Actual Orient Express Like Hercule Poirot

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Do you fancy yourself a sharp-brained detective from the 1920s? Did you grow up watching episodes of moustache-twirling Hercule Poirot deciphering clues and solving murders? Now is your chance to put these dormant skills to use, with a murder mystery party on the actual Orient Express train happening this year.


The event promises to be an immersive murder mystery party, inspired by the Agatha Christie works Murder on the Orient Express and Mystery of the Blue Train. The Orient Express hosting the party is a historical train, restored to the glory of the 1920s, when it once took wealthy socialites from Paris to the French Riviera. That’s the journey it will be repeating for the Orient Express murder mystery party – departing Paris on Sunday May 17 at around 11.30am, and arriving in Nice late that evening.


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While riding the luxe, vintage train – which looks every bit what you’d expect of the glamorous Orient Express – you’ll be treated to breakfast and two quality meals inspired by French cuisine of the ’20s, paired with exclusive wines. The train will be dressed like it’s a movie set, ready for you to drop in and solve the murder mystery like the detective you were born to be. Also be aware that there’s a strict dress code of 1920s-appropriate attire – and there’s even a special VIP ticket and “costume experience” where you’ll be dressed by a famous French costume designer.


All this comes at a price, of course. Regular tickets start at £7950 (AU$15,388) so you better sell that share portfolio (?) or something in order to get on board. But we can all dream of murder, can’t we? If you’ve got the cash lying around, you can get tickets here.

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It’s the second time tour company Ariodante has organised the event, which won a lot of fans on its debut journey. So much so, that a third Murder Mystery event is already planned for October 2020.

For something a little closer to home (and which doesn’t cost the same as a new car) The George Boutique Hotel in the Blue Mountains regularly hosts murder mystery parties, or OzParty Events can help you host one from AU$159 per person.

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