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Beat The Cold At This Mulled Wine And Hot Cheese Festival In Melbourne

Beat The Cold At This Mulled Wine And Hot Cheese Festival In Melbourne

mulled wine and hot cheese party

Name a more iconic duo than wine and cheese, I dare you. Then make it mulled wine and hot cheese and add yourself into the mix, and you’ve got literally the perfect day. The Mulled Wine and Hot Cheese Party in Melbourne is that perfect day and we are blessed to have it.

To welcome winter and help us survive the cold season, this mini-festival dedicated to big, delicious food and drink is going down at Welcome to Thornbury on June 1. I’m just going to say it: this food truck park and beer garden space is home to a lot of fun events, but the Mulled Wine & Hot Cheese Party is hands down the most important.


Warm your stiff, frozen mitts up around a glass of steaming mulled wine and be content knowing that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment. There are chilli and cherry-flavoured mulled wines, sticky date pudding-flavoured brews and mulled rosé and cider to try.


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There’s also more cheese than you could ever ask for (although it’s not actually possible to ever have enough cheese). Think mac and cheese, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers with cheese, pastas with cheese, cheese on toasties, cheese on pizzas… I could go on, but I’m on a deadline.

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The point is, the full food line-up hasn’t even been announced yet and we already know it’s going to be a gouda one.


The party starts at 12pm and runs until 11:30pm. Dogs are welcome all day and kids are only welcome ’til 8pm, so you can get your adults only boozy cheese tastings on at night for free entry.

If you can’t get to the Mulled Wine and Hot Cheese Party, there’s plenty of other stuff that’ll keep you warm. Melbourne’s Winter Village has warm drinks and private igloos, and Mary’s Underground is now open in Sydney.

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