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The Burger Legends At Mary’s Have Opened An Underground Bar And Restaurant In Sydney

The Burger Legends At Mary’s Have Opened An Underground Bar And Restaurant In Sydney

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Sydney burger fiends will know the almost god-like status of a Mary’s burg. They’ll know what it’s like to dine at Mary’s Pizzeria and they’ll be all too familiar with the loud metal bangers that blast through the Newtown restaurant. And now you can soak up the brand’s vibe in absolute style at the brand-new Mary’s Underground bar and restaurant.


Mary’s Underground in Circular Quay is the team’s fanciest venue yet, but don’t worry — they’re still serving up the kind of food that will make you ditch your diet for a night. They’ve taken over The Basement, once a bastion for live music and late nights in the city, and reinstated it as a home for good music and good food.

The subterranean restaurant is bringing back the idea of dinner and a show, except the dinner is lobster and dry-aged duck, and the show is something that’ll get you dancing on the tables and calling in sick with a hangover the next day.


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Some things don’t change though, including the drinks list. It’s still filled with beer and cider from local breweries, and absolutely littered with fine wines. The wine list is mostly Australian and fully natural and sustainable.

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Back in its heyday, The Basement saw acts like honest-to-god Prince take to the stage, and while Mary’s Underground may not be that kind of place, it’s got live music every night. There’s a house band every Friday night, artists in resident, jazz bands and local musicians. There’s really no rhyme or reason behind the music program here — one night you might get smooth jazz and the next you could hear some party bangers.

Mary’s has been serving burgers from the top floor of the building for a while now, and that’s not set to change just because Mary’s Underground is open below. You can still get your hands on a burger before descending into whatever party is on the agenda for the night.

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