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Move Over Cat Cafes, There’s A Cat Pub In England Now

Move Over Cat Cafes, There’s A Cat Pub In England Now

There’s no denying cat cafes have positively swept the nation – so much so that there’s even an astro-themed cat cafe in Sydney now – but what if we told you there’s a new way to get your furry feline fix that’s a little out of the box? Look no further than the Bag o’ Nails Pub in Bristol, England – the world’s very first cat pub.


Sure, it’s not too far-fetched to see a wandering cat around your local pub – it’s almost like they’re drawn to the dark laziness of it all – but this English drinking hole is a little different. Opened in 2011, the Bag o’ Nails Pub has 15 (!) native cats roaming around their premises, and they’re not too shy about cosying on up to you while you’re enjoying a bevvie.



Landlord Luke Daniels told The Bristol Post the pub once had 24 cats, but that ended up being “too much”. In terms of customers, the cats settle in pretty nicely with the guests so you won’t have to worry about an unprovoked bar fight breaking out between two tabbies. Daniels mentioned there are a few people who have to leave because of severe allergies but the majority of people who wander off the street enjoy the cat surprise. Most of the cats were born in the pub too – Daniels recalls a night where a kitten was born in a box of crisps during their weekly trivia night.


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If you think about it too long (like I have), cat cafes are a little weird. Sure, spending any time surrounded by loads and loads of cats is pretty magical, but what about that beverage? Coffee? Nah, cats are way too laid back to be inhaling those pungent coffee fumes. It totally makes sense these felines would enjoy being around pub-goers – they’re way more relaxed.

On the plus side, if cats aren’t really your cup of milk, the bar serves upwards of 100 different types of beer so there’s really nothing stopping you from enjoying a nice cosy afternoon here.

(Lead image: left @vyxle/Instagram, right @rosieblatchford/Instagram, all other images: Bag of Nails/Facebook)

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