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The Most Liveable Cities For 2021 Have Been Announced & It’s Time To Move To Adelaide

The Most Liveable Cities For 2021 Have Been Announced & It’s Time To Move To Adelaide

Every year, Melbourne and Sydney continue their not-so-friendly rivalry over which city is best. Well, both of you can sit down because in 2021, it’s Adelaide’s time to shine.

Every year, The Economist Intelligence Unit (yes, associated with The Economist newspaper) release their Global Liveability Index Report. They compare stability, healthcare, education, culture, environment and infrastructure to determine which cities around the world are the best to live in.

Australia always does bloody well, and particularly Melbourne and Sydney are always duking it out for one of the very top spots. This year, both these cities take a major backseat to the rest of Australia’s major cities.

Lockdowns had a big effect on livability this year, which makes a lot of sense. Cities that imposed certain lockdown measures and were able to keep their Covid numbers down or fairly steady rose to the top of the rankings.

As such, not surprisingly, Auckland has risen from sixth to number one on the list. According to the report this was due to being able to “keep its theatres, restaurants and other cultural attractions open” thanks to keeping Covid numbers low. The fact students were always able to stay in school meant their education score was 100 percent. Wellington also rose from 15th on last year’s list, to number four. Having been there recently, I would 100 percent move there in a jiffy.


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Osaka made second place, and Tokyo ranked fourth, apparently both owing to their high stability scores.

Then in third, we have Australia’s highest rank — drumroll please — Adelaide. Similar to New Zealand, the imposed travel ban and low Covid cases certainly helped get Adelaide on the map. Honestly though, if you ask me it’s the AMAZING weekend trips nearby — from wineries to garden sinkholes to the outback — that make it an excellent place to live.

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Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane all appeared in the top 10 as well (at sixth, tied eighth and 10th respectively), with Sydney just missing out in 11th.

Despite some social restrictions thank to Covid, Switzerland rounded out the top 10 list with Zurich and Geneva.

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