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Pack Your Bags, These Are The Best Cities For Gen Z To Live In

Pack Your Bags, These Are The Best Cities For Gen Z To Live In

These Are The Best Cities For Gen Z To Live In 2019 & The Future

Teens — they rule TikTok, started a worldwide climate movement and gifted us with the “OK Boomer” meme. Basically, we need to protect them at all costs. But which city is best prepared for the job? Housing aggregator website Nestpick has revealed the best cities around the world for Gen Z to live in 2019.

Gen Z is the most digitally-connected age group. They’re determined to change the world for the better, and they refuse to settle for homes that don’t meet their needs.


That’s pretty much the crux of Nestpick’s 2019 Generation Z City Index. It analysed 110 cities to find out how well they align with Gen Z’s principles, and how well they’re prepared for the generation’s future.


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The study looked at a range of concerns and lifestyle factors with four main focuses: is technology integrated into everyday life? Does the city support the generation’s commitment to social equality and climate preservation? Are there job opportunities? And is the city fun?

The result is a ranking of the best cities for Gen Z to live in 2019 (you can check out the full results here), and we’ve compiled the top picks here.

These are the top five cities for Gen Z, according to Nestpick:

#1 London, UK


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London took out the crown thanks to its digitally-forward thinking, education opportunities, and bold start-up culture. It also won big points for having a banging music scene, supporting the AI Industry, and its score for LGBTIQ equality.

The city’s moved up since last year, when it ranked third in Nestpick’s city index study for Millennials. It seems like London has improved on everything that made it great a year ago, making it the perfect city for a generation who are so painfully aware of the need to future-proof their lifestyles.

#2 Stockholm, Sweden


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The Swedish capital scored big in almost every digital sub-category and tied for first in terms of gender equality. It’s not hard to see why Gen Z would want to live in a city that runs on digital payments, protects its residents’ right to protest and has great internet and mobile access.

But perhaps the most important part is that Stockholm scored a perfect 100 for Environmental Action, taking the strongest stance against climate change. We simply must stan.

#3 Los Angeles, USA


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Los Angeles might not have topped any lists in the study, but it performed across the board. If London is the hare, Los Angeles is the tortoise. The socially conscious, highly digital, well educated tortoise with great access to healthcare who feels safe walking down the street.

Most noticeably, it blitzed every other US city in terms of its Esports scene. LA is home to professional gaming teams and arenas and hosts a regular calendar of Esports competitions and events.

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#4 Toronto, Canada


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Toronto also beat its 2018 ranking by one position and scored big on its connectivity, safety, and social entrepreneurship. It also got some of the highest scores across the whole study for its access to healthcare and right to protest.

#5 New York, USA


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New York might only be the second ranked city in the United States, but it beat LA in terms of environmental action, gender and LGBTIQ equality, access to mental health, live entertainment and the state of its ridesharing environment.

The best ranking Australian city was Melbourne at number 23, praised in particular for its digitalisation. Sydney was right behind at number 24, with Brisbane and Perth rounding out our representation in the study.

If you’re looking for more travel inspiration, here’s where you should go based on your star sign and even your Hogwarts house.

(Lead image: Benjamin Davies / Unsplash)

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