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This Gravity-Defying M&M Spill Is The Dessert To End All Desserts

This Gravity-Defying M&M Spill Is The Dessert To End All Desserts

m&m spill

In a world where desserts reign supreme, it takes something truly special to stand out from the scores of gelatos, crazy donuts creations and super-charged thick shakes. So if you’re looking for something out-of-this-world incredible, step into Pyrmont’s Social Brew Café, home to The M&M Spill.


The M&M Spill is a total masterpiece, made in collaboration with Sydney food blogger, The Brunch Dude. The dessert is made of some delicious waffles, drizzled with milk chocolate, espresso, and salted caramel chantilly (French whipped cream) and topped with anti-gravity M&M’s

How do Social Brew Café make the M&M’s defy gravity? Well that’s something you’ll have to investigate yourself.

The official launch of The M&M Spill kicked off last weekend, and is only available for a limited time only, so get in quick, or you might just miss out!

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And if you aren’t much of a sweet tooth, never fear, Social Brew Café has an extensive brunch menu, a range of fresh pastries and delicious coffee – sure to tickle everyone’s fancy.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Sydney Airport
  • Take the T8 towards City Circle to Town Hall Station
  • Take the 389 towards Maritime Museum to Harris Street at Allen Street
  • Walk 240m
  • Social Brew Cafe — 224 Harris Street, Pyrmont
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(Lead image: Social Brew Cafe / Facebook)

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