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Get Hot And Spicy At This Hot Sauce And Chilli Festival, If You’re Into That

Get Hot And Spicy At This Hot Sauce And Chilli Festival, If You’re Into That

Hot Sauce and Chilli Festival Melbourne 2019

There’s a festival for pretty much everything these days, and that includes food that makes your mouth feel like it’s on fire but that people, for some reason, willingly eat anyway. If you’re one of the mad people who enjoy that kind of thing, you might want to check out Melbourne‘s Hot Sauce and Chilli Festival.

The festival of all things spicy is on this Saturday, April 27. It’ll be heating up Welcome to Thornbury, a permanent food truck park in Northcote, Melbourne.


Heat-seeking fiends will get to try the hottest locally-made sauces and spiciest foods, like a spicy Philly cheesesteak from Sparrow’s, the Mr Hot from Mr Burgers or a spicy chicken donut creation from Donugs.

There’ll also be hot sauce stalls serving and selling their best creations – the kind of places that have names like Blair’s Death Sauce, Hot Chilli Mama, Hells Breath, and Blonde Chilli, which sound very intense and not at all frightening.


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If you’re not put off by that, you might want to try the infamous Hot Pocket Shot – this drink is so hot that you’ll have to sign a waiver before you try it so. Y’all have been warned.

But the flaming cherry on the top of this spicy festival is the Hot Sauce Taste Battle. Brave contestants will have to try ten of the world’s hottest sauces, with each one getting more and more intense. If you drink anything to sooth the burning, you’re out. If you eat anything to calm the raging fire in your mouth, you’re out! If you throw up, you’re obviously out.

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The winner will get a keg party at Welcome to Thornbury for all their friends and a take home pack of hot sauces. You know, in case you didn’t just have enough hot sauce to last a lifetime. You can sign up for the competition on the Welcome to Thornbury website. Good luck, brave souls.

Entry to the festival is free, and the gates open at 12pm.

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