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An ‘Alpaca Treehouse’ Is A Real Place You Can Stay, Because 2019 Continues To Deliver

An ‘Alpaca Treehouse’ Is A Real Place You Can Stay, Because 2019 Continues To Deliver

You Can Stay In An Alpaca Treehouse On Airbnb Inside A Bamboo Forest

The last time I stayed at an Airbnb, the host put on the movie he had a small starring role in and spent the night telling me all the behind-the-scenes “secrets”. It was, putting it lightly, not great, but I would 100 percent not mind if the hosts at this Alpaca Treehouse Airbnb hung out with me for a night and told me all of their secrets.

The Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse in the Bamboo Forest in AtlantaUnited States is home to four alpacas and two llamas.


The alpacas’ names, because I know you want to hear them, are: Paloma Piper, Caitlin Tastee, Elfie Fay Von Picklesprite, and Sunny Shevoun. The llamas are named Dali Llama and Llama Mia Figaro, or Figgy for short.


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The whole gang wanders around the treehouse, which is suspended almost  five metres above the ground among massive shoots of bamboo.

They’re all rescue animals who came from homes where they were kept in poor conditions, and some even had health issues before coming to the treehouse. Since then, their lives had gotten a lot better: guests are encouraged to pat the animals and feed them baby carrots.

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The treehouse is one of the most wish-listed Airbnb listings in the world, and it’s been featured in movies, music videos and Netflix shows. It’s not hard to see why – even without the alpacas, the treehouse is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s made with reclaimed wood and decked out with reclaimed antiques, French double doors, stained glass windows and huge skylights. There’s a queen-size bed in the treehouse and a swinging rope bed on the ground.

“It’s a place where people can come together and celebrate each other and are really happy,” the property’s owner Kara O’Brien told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “and that’s something that we didn’t really expect when we started.”

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(Lead image: @atlanta_alpaca_treehouse / Instagram)

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