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Melbourne Has A Huge Hidden Community Garden In Its City Centre

Melbourne Has A Huge Hidden Community Garden In Its City Centre

Think you’re a bit of a green-thumbed gardening whiz? Don’t let a lack of garden space (or the weeds you can’t be bothered to demolish) stop you – the geniuses at the Little Veggie Patch Co. have teamed up with Melbourne’s Federation Square to create a community garden anyone can get involved in.

(Photo:Little Veggie Patch Co./Facebook)

Taking over an unused rooftop carpark in the heart of the city, over 140 DIY veggie patches made out of recycled apple crates make up the garden. Leased mostly to members of the public (that’s you!), every restaurant and cafe inside the Fed Square complex has its own plot too, making the whole site as sustainable and fresh as possible.

Fancy getting yourself a plot? For just the price of a coffee per day ($25 a week) you’ll get your own fully prepared veggie plot, seasonal seeds to plant and all the tools and instructions to help you grow deliciously fresh produce even if you usually can’t keep a cactus alive. There are fun members’ events to make the garden a real community – like food excursions, ping pong tournaments, movie nights and BBQs using the produce from the garden, of course.

(Photo:Little Veggie Patch Co./Facebook)

If you can’t commit to all the plant watering malarkey but still want to get involved in the garden, there’s plenty of other things to do. It’s open to the public every day except Monday, so just have a wander and take in the brilliant views of Melbourne. Soon, there’ll be a sustainable cafe on site too. The garden also serves as a community centre, with workshops for kids and adults from scarecrow making to vegetable pickling; you’ll be a proper foodie in no time.

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(Photo:Little Veggie Patch Co./Facebook)

(Lead image: Little Veggie Patch Co./Facebook)

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