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Meet The Stylish Leather Bag That Doubles As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Meet The Stylish Leather Bag That Doubles As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Look, there’s no denying we’re internet obsessed freaks these days– be honest, how many tabs have you got open right now? But while taking a holiday from your phone may sound appealing, in reality it might be a little tough for most. Being internet reliant isn’t such a bad thing, however, so it makes sense that even our luggage can now keep us connected on the go.

LA-based company This Is Ground have created the next best thing in travel: a bag that turns you into your very own Wi-Fi hotspot. Oozing cool and class, their brand new Voyager bag now comes with an additional Wi-Fi device that allows you to experience super fast internet when you’re out and about.

The leather bag is luxury at its finest, manufactured using some of the finest leather and big enough to fit a long weekend’s worth of stuff, There’s even an exterior “tech pod” that fits your phone, cords, plugs, tablet and your optional Wi-Fi pack. They don’t call it a hotspot for nothing – this thing is awesome.


The best part? You can even get free data. The pocket sized device, which comes from portable Wi-Fi company Karma, turns you into a moving hotspot, meaning anyone within its radius can pick up its signal and log in. Once someone creates an account and uses your hotspot, you receive 100 megabytes of free data. Park yourself at an airport lounge or a busy coffee shop and start reeling in those megabytes.

The future is here, you guys. Now there’s no reason not to upload that cheeky selfie when you’re wandering about town.

(h/t CN Traveller, all images This Is Ground)

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