All The Terrifying Stuff That Happens In The World’s Scariest Haunted House

McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor isn’t your average haunted house. This American destination is so scary that no one has ever successfully made it all the way through — even though organisers offer a USD$20,000 prize to any guest who manages to complete the entire thing.

The house — which has two locations in Summertown, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama — is so intense that guests have to sign a 40-page waiver before they’re allowed in. That’s not all they need to do: hopeful attendees will also have to undergo a background check, submit to a screening interview via Skype, supply a letter from their doctor stating they’re capable of participating, pass a physical test and provide proof of medical insurance.

So just what goes on in this house of horrors to warrant such a big fuss? Well, it sure ain’t for the faint of heart (or, um, the claustrophobic). Here’s a small — but terrifying — sample of what goes happens inside McKamey Manor.

First Things First, It Lasts Up To 10 Hours

This isn’t some 45-minute stroll through a few freaky rooms. The McKamey Manor experience goes for a long time — up to ten hours, if you manage to go the entire distance. Really, they’re testing your endurance as much as they are your fright factor.

They Might Shave Your Head

Guests aren’t allowed to touch the “actors” who run the show… but honey, they can sure touch you. Plenty of men and women have left McKamey Manor with a brand new buzz cut, all part of the house’s quest to push you to breaking point. Yeesh.

It’s Tailored To Your Deepest Fears

During the pre-selection process, McKamey Manor organisers find out what your biggest fears are. And then exploit the shit out of them. Scared of drowning? You could be waterboarded. Hate clowns? Bobo gon’ be there.

You Could Literally Break Bones

By completing that 40-page waiver, you sign away your rights to sue McKamey Manor… no matter what happens to you. The waiver requires the signer to acknowledge they could end up with broken fingers (agh!) or get buried alive (temporarily, we hope).

Even if you don’t need a plaster cast after you leave, you’re definitely in for a very, ahem, physical experience. Guests have been tied up, come into contact with raw sewage, had their face held under water, been forced to put their head into a box filled with bees, been made to eat rotten eggs, or had to walk a plank that put them 7 metres above the ground without a safety net.

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You Might Be Buried Alive… With Spiders

That whole buried alive thing? Yeah, you aren’t gonna be down there alone. Previous participants have been locked in coffins with tarantulas and cockroaches… the former of which are poisonous, meaning it’s up to the attendees to lie perfectly still so they don’t get bitten.

Oh, and you’re buried 3.6 metres underground while this is happening.

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You, Um, Might Have To Drink Your Own Puke

All of the light torture can cause guests to vomit… which really sucks, because the actors at McKamey Manor have a rep for making guests eat their own puke.

This might be the worst thing about the place.

There’s No Safe Word

If, after all of this, you have understandably abandoned all hope of securing the $20K and just want to GTFO, it won’t be as simple as just bolting for the door. There’s no safe word to make the show stop — you just have to beg the actors to let you go and hope they oblige.

There’s even a “no mercy” version of the experience, wherein participants have to wait until actors decide to release them. Which means you could forced to endure for another few hours after you’re ready to nope the fuck out of there.

Eels. Just… Eels.

Actually, this is the worst thing: some guests have reported being locked in a tank of water that’s filmed with swarming eels.

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Finally, Some Good News

The waitlist for McKamey Manor is tens of thousands of people long, and only a couple get to undertake the experience each week. So even if — for some absolutely deranged reason — you decided to sign up, odds are you’ll probably never make it in. And thank god for that.

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