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Malta’s Blue Lagoon Proves Heaven Really Is A Place On Earth

Malta’s Blue Lagoon Proves Heaven Really Is A Place On Earth

If you’ve studied Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’ video as much as I have, you’ll realise she doesn’t exactly mention exactly where this earthly nirvana actually is.

Don’t worry though, we totally found it.


This is Comino, a tiny Maltese island found just off the end of Italy’s boot. Measuring in at just 3.5 square kilometres, Comino is famous for its tranquility, isolation and spectacular location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s said that Comino has a permanent population of only four people, but I’m officially putting my hand up to become resident number five. 


The island’s shining glory is that blue number you see above. The Blue Lagoon is their giant “swimming pool” located between Comino and its even tinier neighbour island, Cominotto (could that name be any cuter?) with the azure waters hugged by limestone cliffs and hidden caves.


Visitors can snorkel, cliff dive, deep sea dive, windsurf, sail or simply sit back and behold the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, which is flanked by a blanket of white sand and impressive cliffs. Oh and the entire island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, which means it’s kept in pristine condition year round. What a dream.

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Getting there is a cinch too – there are daily ferries from the surrounding islands of Malta and Gozo. But if you’re looking to keep things on the inexpensive side, the cheapest way to get to Comino is actually by kayak from the island of Gozo.

(Lead image: Wikipedia. All other images: Flavio Eskini/Flickr)

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