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5 Reasons Why Malta Needs To Be On Your Euro Summer Bucket List

5 Reasons Why Malta Needs To Be On Your Euro Summer Bucket List


When you think of a European summer getaway you probably think of the whitewashed Greek Islands, the jaw dropping beauty of the Amalfi Coast or the party island of Hvar in Croatia.

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Malta, rarely makes the list of must-visit destinations, but here are five reasons it should definitely be on your European summer bucket list.

#1 It’s One Of The Smallest Countries In The World

Image: Hannah Lewis / supplied

There’s nothing more exciting that visiting a new country, amirite? But sometimes this comes with the frustration of feeling you’ve barely scratched the surface of a place. Not so in Malta. The country is a small archipelago nation made up of collection of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino.

The largest Island, is 246 square kilometres, and the smallest, Comino, is a petite 3.5 square kilometres, making the whole country easy to explore in a short amount of time. Best of all, everywhere is accessible either by car, the incredibly efficient public transport or by dghajsa AKA traditional Maltese water taxis.

#2 The Beaches And The Insanely Blue Water

Malta, Blue Lagoon
Image: Egle Sidaraviciute / Unsplash

You know those annoying screen savers at work that taunt you with images of impossibly clear, blue waters while you sit at your desk wishing you were elsewhere? Well, Malta is the real life version of those waters. It’s not hard to find a postcard-worthy beach given the country is a collection of islands in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy.


The best example is the Blue Lagoon located off Comino. The water here is beautifully pristine, making it the ideal place to snorkel, swim or sit back and relax.

#3 Valletta Is This Year’s European Cultural Capital

Each year, the European Commission announces its European Cultural Capital of the year and in 2018, Malta’s capital Valletta has taken out the crown (alongside Leeuwarden-Friesland). The city might be small, but packs plenty of punch when it comes to culture, food and history.

So what does this prestigious title mean for Valletta? There’ll be a year-long program full of events you can attend from music, art, design and performance art. It also means that Valletta is going to become more well-known and a hot spot for tourism, which is good motivation to get there sooner rather than later.

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#4 Malta Is Steeped In History

Image: Micaela Parente / Unsplash

Malta’s location has made it a strategic and desirable location for many over the years, playing a vital role as a naval base given its location. Over the years it’s had many rulers including French, British, Romans, Moors and Knights of Saint John. The result is a collection of fortresses, temples and churches.


In fact, Malta boasts the highest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites from ancient and medieval times. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s become the choice location for many Game Of Thrones scenes.

#5 It’s Home To The Inland Sea

Malta, Inland Sea
Image: Jose A. / Flickr

Gozo, Malta’s second biggest island, is home to Qawra otherwise known as the Inland Sea. This lagoon has formed from the surrounding limestone cliffs collapsing enough for the clear Mediterranean water to seep in and create the perfect shallow swimming pool. If you’re feeling brave enough you can swim through the cave to the opening of the sea where the water depth drops, becoming a popular destination for divers around the world.


(Lead image: Reuben Farrugia / Unsplash)

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