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London Might Be Getting Its Very Own NYC-Style High Line

London Might Be Getting Its Very Own NYC-Style High Line

Major cities almost have a duty to turn their old, unused places into gathering areas. With so many people sharing such a concentrated area of space, it would be a disaster waste any of it. New York’s High Line park did this brilliantly by turning the old freight train rail on Manhattan’s west side into an overground park. Now, London is thinking of doing something similar.

The disused rail line between Camden and Kings Cross has been proposed to host a new above-ground park called the Camden High Line. It’s expected to stretch for 0.8 kilometres and include gardens, park benches, pedestrian walkways and cycle trails.

Photo: Camden Highline

Not only will it be a much more interesting way to get yourself from Camden to Kings Cross and back, it will be a quicker and fresher journey too. The walk is expected to only take 10 minutes, and take you over eight streets of traffic. Plus, the high volume of plants will also provide some much-needed fresh air to cut through London’s exhaust fumes.

camden 2
Photo: Camden Highline

The initiative was designed and put forward by Camden Town Unlimited, a group dedicated to reviving old and unused areas within the area. They’re is currently campaigning to get the project funded and off the ground.

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Judging by these photos — and the excellent times we’ve had at New York’s own High Line — we think Camden’s High Line is an essential addition to the city. You can have a look at the High Line’s route and support their efforts on the website.

(Lead image: George Rex/Flickr CC)

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