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Why Tinder Is Actually The Ultimate Travel Tool

Why Tinder Is Actually The Ultimate Travel Tool

When it comes to dating apps, people either love them or hate them, with no real in-between. Yeah sure, 90 percent of the time they’re a complete garbage fire, filled with trash people, and somehow leave you feeling more single than you have ever felt in your life, but they’re also an incredible way to connect with people you may otherwise never cross paths with.


Because of the latter, dating apps like Tinder can come in super handy when travelling, if you use them wisely.

Whether you’re searching for a holiday romance or just some valuable local insight, here’s how to best use Tinder while travelling.

#1 Get a head start


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Tinder can be a handy travel tool, don’t get it twisted, but if you’re overseas thinking about swiping instead of being present in the moment, you’re doing it completely wrong. This is why it pays to get a little head start.

By forking out a little extra cash and upgrading to Tinder Gold, you’re able to change your location and match with people anywhere in the world. This way, instead of spending your evenings frantically swiping in your hostel room, you can do it ahead of time while sitting on the couch at home watching TV.

Having that extra bit of time up your sleeve also allows you to better gauge the kinds of people you might be meeting, or even just cop some travel tips ahead of time.

#2 Update your bio & be transparent

Updating your bio is a total must, it lets potential matches know what’s up.

Here, you can let people know the dates you’ll be in town, and what you’re looking for, whether that be recommendations on where to eat, a friendly face to show you around, someone to take you out on a romantic-as-hell date or anything in between — you decide!

Keeping things transparent means both parties know what’s up, there are no surprises, and it’ll also  likely weed out the losers, leaving you with super fun and cool people to get travel tips from, or meet up with.

#3 Go into it with an open mind


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If you keep an open mind, you’ll have the best time.

You’ll likely be tipped off to visit places you’d never considered, or even heard of, or to try a local cuisine that sounds a bit funky, but by keeping an open mind, you may just find hidden gems that exceed all of your expectations.

They say while travelling to do as the locals do. Through this dumb app, you’ve got unlimited access to locals who can offer the greatest insight into where to coolest places to visit are.

It’s the greatest way to tap into the local scene and explore new, undiscovered places.

#4 Don’t get your heart broken 

Or do.

It could be the excitement in the air, the fact you’re experiencing total freedom, or a weird mix of the two, but when it comes to meeting new people while travelling, it’s super easy to catch feels.

It’s fast, sudden and sometimes scary, but truthfully, the memories you make will likely outweigh the shitty feeling when you have to leave them behind.


Or, just get hitched and spend the rest of your days in holiday mode — that doesn’t sound too bad either.

#5 Safety first

The all-time most important rule to follow while using Tinder overseas is to be safe, this means never going out by yourself without letting someone know where you’re going.

This could be your travel pal, the concierge at the hostel or even a friend back home – this way, people know where you are at all times.

Go one step further and share your location, that way if you find yourself in trouble, your mates will know where you are.

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