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Kawa Hot Baths in Tibiao, Philippines, Are An Instagram Dream

Kawa Hot Baths in Tibiao, Philippines, Are An Instagram Dream

Some say baths are just human soup – the Kawa hot baths, which dot the Tibiao River in the Philippines, mean that literally.

The abandoned sugar-cane cauldrons, which sit amidst the tropical Philippine jungle may, at first glance, resemble those of a witch’s coven – in actual fact, they’re a popular relaxation method for tourists and locals to wash away worries and sooth sore muscles.

Once filled with water, the cauldrons are topped with a selection of native herbs and flowers, then heated by burning bamboo, which blazes beneath.

Tourists have taken a liking to the unorthodox relaxation method, with the “spas” gaining mass popularity on Instagram.

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The tubs are just a short walk from Kayak Inn, the jungle retreat known for its kayaking trips, hiking tours and other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a place to stay nearby, try Kayak Inn in Tibiao, Antique. Rates start at just $11 per night (450PHP).

The nearest major port is Kalibo International Airport in the Philippines Aklan province. From there, it’s just over a two-hour drive to Tibiao in one of the many local bus services available from the airport (buses service a number of towns around the region, so ensure you tell the driver you want to be dropped off in Tibiao).

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