The World’s Best Restaurant Is Getting A Much Cheaper Alternative

One of the best parts about travel is getting to try the food you can only find in a particular place. But sadly, some of the best food can be a little out of reach. But we’ve got good news! You can now taste the best food in New York City, and the world, without having to fork out your life savings.

Recently voted number one on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2017, Eleven Madison Park is an establishment run by Michelin Star chef Daniel Humm. It serves up mind-blowingly delicious food, but it will cost you quite a few pennies. In fact, all of your pennies. And probably your first car.

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At $800AUD for two people, Eleven Madison Park isn’t really suited for the budget travellers among us. So instead, the owners are opening up a restaurant for people like us to taste hundred-dollar food on a hostel budget.

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Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, owners of Eleven Madison Park and NoMad, are opening up Made Nice, a restaurant dedicated to delivering high end food at an affordable price. Each dish will take no longer than five minutes to prepare and will cost no more than $20AUD, except the chicken frites option which will set you back $30AUD.

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We’re talking quinoa falafel, salmon rosti, Khao salad and curry cauliflower, at Michelin star chef calibre, for 20 measly bucks. And it looks so, so delicious. What a gift.

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Made Nice is open for lunch from Monday through Saturday. You can find out more info here.

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